Experience the Festival at Sandpoint:

The festival takes place at Sandpoint, Idaho’s beautiful town and it is the Festival at Sandpoint. The music event, which takes place against the backdrop of breathtaking Lake Pend Oreille and Northern Idaho’s picturesque mountainous landscape, attracts visitors from across the globe.

A Musical Oasis Amidst Nature

The attraction of the Festival at Sandpoint goes beyond its quality musical performances to its amazing natural location. Think of an open-air amphitheater surrounded by trees where people come with blankets, chairs, picnic baskets; waiting to see what performers will captivate them this time around. Nestled in a lap of nature, the site for the festival creates a magical atmosphere that would stay in people’s minds forever.

A Diverse Array of Musical Marvels

The festival brings together various musicians from different genres hence appealing to wider audience. It has everything from soulful blues to rhythmic jazz, raging rock, calming folk and classical melodies as well. The festival stage is graced by both established artists and upcoming talents who deliver fascinating performances.

Sandpoint’s Music Festival Beauty

In Sandpoint, Idaho, they have a yearly music festival surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Nature’s Symphony Background

The festival feels extra special because it happens in nature’s beautiful setting.

Varied Music Experience

Lots of different types of music and talented artists perform at the festival.

Music by the Lake

Listen to live music with Lake Pend Oreille as a stunning background.

Food, Drinks, and Crafts Galore

Try yummy local food, special beers, and see unique arts and crafts at the festival.

Togetherness and Fun

People come together, enjoy music, and have a good time, creating a sense of unity.

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